current projects

upcoming events

  • reticências will be performed at DX10 (Prague) on 21/01/2023; at the EAM festival (Bangor, Wales) on 18/02/2023 and at AFO (Olomouc) on 27/04/2023. It will also be broadcasted on BBC Radio 3 on 20/05/2023;
  • k-o-l-e-k-i-t-i-v playing at punctum 10/03/2023;
  • THIEVES will premiere at South London Gallery on 31/03/2023 until 18/06/2023;
  • At AFO, I will be introducing the documentary “Making Waves”, discussing “Sisters with Transistors” with Mary C. (synth library); and Invisible Landscapes with Ivo Bystřičan;
  • My new paper “foley gesture” will be presented at NCMM/CESEM (Lisboa, PT) on 03/05/2023.